“Through her trusted advice and personalized solutions, Carolann Steinhoff has consistently provided investment strategies and services to me as a client that have helped me achieve my financial goals during good and bad markets and, ultimately, my long term financial security.”

–    Neil Remington Abramson, MBA, PhD,  Associate Professor of Strategy, Segal Graduate School of Business Simon Fraser University

“Carolann Steinhoff is a leader in her industry who truly understands a client’s financial life is unique, and there are no standard solutions when it comes to helping to invest your money. Her interest in growing with her clients is what I was looking for in a financial advisor. During the economic volatility of the past 10 years, her experience and ability to take advantage of new knowledge and products has added tremendous value to my portfolio and financial management needs.”

–    Ms. Dulcie McCallum, Freedom of Information & Protection of Privacy Officer for the Province of Nova Scotia

“When I first began receiving advice from Carolann on how best to save, invest, and grow my money, what impressed me was how she listened carefully and focused on my financial concerns. Over the 20 years that we have worked on my portfolio, Carolann has consistently acted in my best interests all the time. She has committed herself to her profession, through continuing education and serving on industry boards. Most importantly, she has earned her credentials and that has benefited me and my family and helped ensure I will fulfill my long term financial goals.”

–    Dr. Patrick Grant, Fellow of the Royal Society of Canada

My name is Phillip Jamieson. I have been a police officer in British Columbia for thirty years. I began as a Cadet, worked in pretty much all aspects of policing, ending my career in management. In addition, I had worked in certain liaison capacities with the Provincial Government for some years. I have been President of the British Columbia Federation of Police Officers and President of the Canadian Police Association for many years.

I have found Carolann Steinhoff to be a woman of complete honesty and integrity. All of my dealing with her have been above board, honest and straight forward. I would have no hesitation whatsoever to recommend her as an Investment Advisor. She has enjoued a long and distinguished career.

–    Mr. Phil Jamieson

“I was approached by Queensbury Securities Inc. to act in a managerial role, specifically to provide local oversight of Carolann Steinhoff. I have since witnessed firsthand the quality of the client relationships Carolann has garnered over her 23-year career.

Carolann has demonstrated a depth of investment knowledge and customer care of the highest professional standards. Her caring approach with those who have entrusted her with the role of managing their finances is exceedingly above and beyond what I imagined.”

–    Jeremiah Archambault, Investment Advisor, Queensbury Securities