March 20, 2019 Newsletter

Dear Friends, Tangents: The first day of Spring is here! The night sky will shine a little brighter than usual and… There will be a full moon on Wednesday at 9:43 p.m. ET, just a few hours after the official start of spring. […]

March 19, 2019 Newsletter

Dear Friends, Tangents: On March 19, 2003, President George W. Bush ordered the start of the war on Iraq, declaring: “On my orders, coalition forces have begun striking selected targets of military importance to undermine Saddam Hussein’s ability to wage […]

March 18, 2019 Newsletter

Dear Friends, Tangents: On March 18, 1965, the first spacewalk took place as Soviet cosmonaut Aleksei Leonov left his Voskhod 2 capsule and remained outside the spacecraft for 20 minutes, secured by a tether.  Go to article » 1931- Electric […]

March 15, 2019 Newsletter

Dear Friends, Tangents: Happy Friday! The Ides of March Beware the Ides of March ~ Said as a warning of impending and certain danger.  The allusion is to the warning received by Julius Caesar before his assassination: What is still more […]

March 14, 2019 Newsletter

Dear Friends, Tangents:  Happy Pi Day! Birthday: March 14, 1879, Albert Einstein, Physicist. Albert Einstein, an only child and a slow learner, was born in Ulm Germany, to a featherbed salesman and his wife.  He had little interest in formal […]