March 16, 2018 Newsletter

Dear Friends, Tangents: Happy St. Patrick’s Day Weekend! -from today’s New York Times: St. Patrick’s Day, which is Saturday, is all the more enjoyable for a number of intriguing myths and misconceptions — and not just about leprechauns. A re-enactment of St. […]

March 15, 2018 Newsletter

Dear Friends, Tangents: On this day in 44 BC, Roman senators stabbed the empire’s dictator, Julius Caesar, to death. The conspiracy against Caesar encompassed as many as sixty noblemen, including Caesar’s own protege, Marcus Brutus. What is still more extraordinary, many […]

March 14, 2018 Newsletter

Dear Friends, Tangents: Albert Einstein, b. 1879 RIP Stephen Hawking. In Hawking’s 2013 memoir “My Brief History,” he wrote that at the time of his ALS diagnosis, “I thought my life was over and that I would never realize the potential I […]

March 13, 2018 Newsletter

Dear Friends, Tangents: 1781: Planet Uranus discovered THE PROBLEM WITH SAPPHO        -by Charles Rafferty Only one complete poem remains. The rest of it is berries left in the bramble after a visit from midday starlings. For years […]

March 12, 2018 Newsletter

Dear Friends, Tangents: 1938    The “Anschluss” took place as German troops entered Austria. Adolf Hitler annexed his homeland the following day. Jack Kerouac, writer, b. 1922 In a conversation with the writer John Clellon Holmes, Jack Kerouac coined the term ‘Beat Generation” to describe […]